Virtual Reality and 360 video providers

360 Cowboys


James Woollatt
Skillful director and all round nice guy James can orchestrate a scene or an emotion that will have the viewer laughing, crying and everything between.
James is also a skilled editer.


Cedrik Portron
All the way from France this 360 cowboy is a skillfull cameraman and has an undestanding of how to cover his 360 tracks.
Versatile and with an easy going laugh Cedrik knows perfect 360 camera placement.


Chris Forde
A flat earth cameraman for 30 years, Chris has seen the light when it comes to the future of storytelling. Instead of just watching a movie, why not be in the movie. Chris's skills also include 360 editing, sound design, graphics and concept development.

What We Do

We have been exploring the world of 360 video production for over a year now. This exciting new technology is so new we are all pioneers exploring and pushing the limits.
We have a collective of friends that make up our team. We love what we do and want to show you the possibilities. 

Who We Are

We're a bunch of nice guys who are also friends totally interested in the world of virtual reality.
We are artists and storytellers who want to break out from the flat screen society to explore unchartered territory.
Come with us.